Where There is a Will There is a Way – Open Borders Really Can Be Closed

They Hold a Mirror to the Islamist, Then Claim You are the One Staring back

An article exploring the reasons why the media and state seek to label White people as terrorists

The Unforgivable Destruction of Ireland

An article which explores the treasonous reasons behind the current genocide of the Irish people.

2020 – Our Attitude of Silence Has to Change

Some thoughts on how changing our inner self and developing strengths from within can ultimately change society for the better.

Illegal Laughter and Humour for the Chosen

When laughter and natural human emotions become a legal matter, you know there is something deeply wrong.

Holocaust Denial in a World of Lies

In a world full of deception, manipulation and White shaming, is it unreasonable to question the past?

When the State Becomes a Sociopath

This piece explores the reasoning behind White British people dismissing and mocking the rape of vulnerable White children by Pakistani paedophile gangs.