Illegal Laughter and Humour for the Chosen

What are the most purest forms of laughter?

Could it be children playing and giggling amongst themselves in their own little worlds? Their innocent humour and the ease it takes for their older loved ones to become their very own comedians to the children? Making the young laugh is a very simple task. Be it pulling a funny face at a baby as they smile and chuckle, staring at you with glazed eyes of wonder. Maybe playing peek-a-boo or bringing their teddy bears to life? Or making humour as they eat, laughing when you accidentally drop some food on the floor? The fits of children’s laughter are like music to the ears of their fathers and mothers, who tickle them so much that the child’s cheeks turn rosy, and the laughter causes everyone else present to smile in joy at the happiness of the young.

Humour and laughter naturally develop as we age and as adults our laughs can lack the purity and innocence of childhood, yet still be extremely beneficial to our health and mental wellbeing. There is no set rule for humour and laughter. That which one finds hilarious another will find dull or offensive. Each group finds humour in joking about the others. Every single group on the face of the earth sees the humour in ‘the other’ and this is perfectly natural too.

Laughter is also a great way to release tension and stress. Humour is an important way to over-come grief and the difficult times in life. In particular being British, we see the humour in everything, even in the most tragic and dark times. Laughter and humour can be a coping mechanism, it is a relief, and a function which is woven into Western cultures. It begins with purity and evolves to adapt to the harder times as our adult lives develop.

What happens when the police state becomes authoritarian over speech and feelings?

We can see the results of this already rapidly growing, even though it is currently in its infancy. When people are arrested for opinions, irrelevant discussions and arguments, asking questions, being honest about fears, stating facts, jokes, humour, taking the piss, banter, and even addressing people in a manner they take offense to – how long before laughter itself becomes a crime? Does this sound over the top? People are already arrested and put before the courts for telling jokes! Shouldn’t living in a police state where all of these injustices take place make everyone ask how long we can cling on to our freedom of humour?

How much laughter is echoing through the streets as the mobs seeking blasphemers froth at the mouth looking for people to criminalise and punish? How can our rightful humour and laughter exist in a country where simple words are a crime, and the authoritarian state will assume your context and thoughts, not you! A ‘special’ person from any ‘special’ group can simply think you are offensive and this is all that matters! Yes we laugh at things which can seem twisted, sick, deranged, and inappropriate – but this laughter is a brief release from the woes of the world; it is a naughty moment of humour to release our tensions; it is without aggression to others or vindictive rage; it is, and can be, a bonding tool to cause a softening and warmth towards others.

None of this matters to the authoritarians. This is about control and slavery. But do not fear, laughter will not die, it will still be there just not with us. It will not be a humour you like! Laughter has it’s dark side too, and it is this side it which will remain.

What humour is left when all is banned, blasphemous, a sin, evil, a crime?

The remaining laughter will be the snarling sadistic cackles of a monster absorbing joy from watching you suffer; it is the laughter of the rapists who find humour among one another’s defiling of their victims; it is the whispering, quiet snigger of the snitch calling the authorities upon someone they hate; it is the wailing laughter of the drunken perverse rulers, sat upon their thrones of power, laughing hard from the pits of hell, in happiness and an adrenaline rush from their decadency;  it is the humorous pleasure as they think of the torment they cause; the torture, the prisons, the death and destruction, the lost souls of the peasants who are restricted from all human emotion. They who rule will not keep a hold of those precious human emotions which we should have treasured, because they never had those emotions to begin with. Those who have the ultimate power over us will never understand or know just how precious our lives are, because all they know is the dark side of everything which is good to us.

The power we are giving to the authoritarians isn’t a matter of a few vocal people being hounded by the state and their media. There is no ‘as long as it isn’t in my back yard’ apathy which will stop the outcome. The police state and their media arms will (with the help of many willing participants via the public) break you down, attack your psyche, put you into a state of fear, threaten you, make you paranoid and eventually you will not even be able to express and embrace very basic human emotions. If you allow the power of human feelings and speech to sit firmly with the authoritarian rulers and their minions, the new children born into the world may never truly know the feelings of pure laughter, warm eye watering, stress releasing laughter; or the human bonding and friendly connection which humour brings into our lives. They will be unaware of the coping mechanism which helps us through hard times. They will have their very basic human rights stolen from them. This is a tragedy which we today should not allow to escalate for the sake of all our children’s futures.

Nobody should ever have this type of power beceause once they do, it is very hard to over-come. This struggle is not only about land, people, and culture – it is about our very souls and humanity, our dignity as men and women, and our very primal human rights to feel and to think for ourselves. Yes, this is how important is it to firmly resist those who wish to deny us of our own unique humour, and our freedom to laugh.

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