When the State Becomes a Sociopath

There is a lot frustration which flows around these days, jokes of how cucked and soft we have become, an understandable observation by any account. It isn’t entirely true though because we are tough people and can withstand a lot. We also have the attitude of “just get on with it” and shrug trauma away and carry on, push it to the side and forget about it because work is to be done! This might benefit in some instances but it will not suffice in others.

The White working class of Britain have always been a tough people. They did all the hardest jobs, were always treated like dirt by the wealthy and sent off to fight for decisions they took no part in. A vague description, sure, which doesn’t cover an in depth time period but the general understanding is clear. The poor and working class can be seen as crass, uncouth and worthless by those who never grew up experiencing it. But not only by the more wealthy types, many who crawl from the bottom and end up wealthy and surrounded by the upper classes are quick to disavow their background, and join in on the dehumanising of the people from their roots. Maybe to mock the way those working class thugs like to go for a pint of beer after work because it is seen as trashy and common; our dialects and use of swear words; our rough exterior and forthright approach in conversation; all seen as unpleasant traits. You would think the upper classes never drank, used swear words or visited a pub! The fact is that the snobbery isn’t about the acts themselves, but rather, the inner disdain and contempt they have for the ordinary White man.

Image of convicted Islamic rapists.

So what does this have to do with the system? Everything!

Growing up in the North of England I experienced and saw a lot. What I observed in others and my own personal surroundings, for good or bad, helped to craft the person I am today and it shall stick with me for the rest of my life.  By the time I was twelve years old I was already hanging around on the streets. The only concern of the adults seemed to be the fact that sitting on cold stone walls so much might give us piles. At that age you think you know everything but twelve year olds are terribly naive and immature. The reason there is an age of consent is because children cannot function like adults do and even if they do not protest or say “yes” they cannot fully comprehend what is involved, and any inappropriate action towards them by an adult is rightly seen as predatory for this very reason. 

Try explaining this to people who believe White working and poorer classes are beneath them! What happens when a twelve or thirteen year old White child gets raped and beaten by a brown Pakistani Muslim who targets the child both religiously and racially? Suddenly, the wonderful virtuous upper classes who have bake sales at school for starving African children; or who stand with signs saying “Refugees Welcome” and who regularly gossip amongst themselves how sad it is that children across the globe suffer; suddenly all you hear are either crickets, or defense of the rapists and their communities! A mere image on an African child’s face on television will drive those people to put their hands in their pockets to raise millions of pounds, join and create charities, hold events, whole TV shows, politicians crying out in pain that something must be done. But White working class children being brutalised in the hundreds of thousands on our cold British streets, and what? They’re just slags, right? Or according to the Rotherham Police Commissioner:

 “I think we saw these girls as, not as victims but as troublesome young people out of control and willing participants. We saw it as child prostitution rather than child abuse and I think that was widely accepted.”

You can hear the Audio of the Police Commissioner for Rotherham here where he openly admits that the authorities viewed the White child rape victims as willing participants to their rape. They claim it was ‘child prostitution’ as though a child could ever choose such a dreadful thing!

There is no such thing as “Child Prostitution” there are only adult paedophiles who are predators abusing the child! Imagine if even one car full of White British men were stalking and harassing a handful of brown Pakistani Muslim children, raped and beat them, threatened them and even killed one, another commits suicide, another falls further into addiction due the forced plying of drugs which was inflicted upon them; they are locked in a house with White man after White man coming up the dirty stairs to each take a turn with those children! Fathers, uncles, brothers, friends – the whole community! Imagine what the response would have been! God forbid! Pakistani Muslim children don’t smoke fags behind the bike shed though, do they? Oh no! Those children don’t sit on the cold stone walls chatting with their friends about boys and make up and what pop stars they like! No, no, those children are different – they are not slags like the White girls are! 

The White upper classes of Britain use the exact same excuses as the sexual predators themselves, taken specifically from Islamic doctrine interestingly enough. Let’s just think about this for a second. There are White people in Britain who defend rapists and use the exact same language as paedophiles to justify their grotesque enslavement and rape of vulnerable children! Whether it be the authorities or the upper class snobs with nothing but contempt in their hearts for the working classes, the response is always the same sociopathic cold hearted attack upon the victims themselves; the neglect of  understanding those broken children and offering them support. 

Not only is their behaviour despicable for this, it is factually incoherent too. If Whites were driving around raping Jewish children the response would be the same – outrage at the evil White men targeting those pure delightful kids! Unlike the British White children who are just asking for it! But tell me this: Why is it that the communities who import and sell drugs, and use them too, are seen as pure? Why are specific groups protected and paraded around as beacons of morality when in fact, there is no evidence of this “purity” but rather proof of the complete opposite? Is it because the entire system is corrupt and actively works against the White indigenous of Britain? And instead of supporting their own people, many who are in affluent positions jump upon the sociopathic status quo to keep their shiny standing in society, and enjoy their holidays and virtue praise from their inner circles. These people are perfectly fine treating child rape victims like dirt so they can virtue signal about made up words which, the sociopathic system has created in order to have the ability to carry on destroying and abusing this island. Let’s not also forget that much of our environment and societal norms come from the media and politics – which all these upper class types are a part of creating and sustaining! So if a White kid is poor and thinks something like getting high seems cool – who promoted this to them in the first place? These traitors will financially benefit from and use degenerate lifestyles as propaganda to feed into the minds of your children, then call them slags if they get raped because of it!

The White working classes may have a tough skin and can seem uncouth and hard, but at least we have a heart, are capable of feeling love, and have a desire for justice. The cold and psychotic response of many towards children being brutalised is only an extension of a psychotic system which feels nothing for its own people. Which begs the question: Are we ruled by a system of our own people, or not? Because this would be the treatment of natives under an occupied system! 

For example: Like those who are supposed to protect and prevent horrific crimes such as child rape, instead calling the rape victims “racists” and then celebrating receiving awards from the communities where the perpetrators come from.

Trauma comes in many forms and circumstances and has countless effects. Rape, to be a child and have an adult penetrate you, hurt you, breath all over you, what they whisper into your ear, their cold hands on you which feels like an abomination but you simply cannot defend yourself, the shame, the nightmares, the stench, the destruction of any ability to then develop normal relationships; it will stay with that child forever. There is never any justification for raping and abusing children! But if the children are White and poor, working class? Then this has been repeatedly justified as acceptable by this system and all who obey it!

Hundreds of thousands of victims and over a million actual rapes – all targeted for being White and non-Muslim! The White sociopaths only support the paedophiles because the White child victims have the wrong dialect and come from the the wrong areas and financial background! It is inconceivable that such people have their own children! There are not enough words in the English language to describe how utterly treacherous and ghastly these crimes are. The crimes are not only by the rapists and predators themselves, no! The entire sociopathic system and every one of their henchmen from media positions to the bake sale upper class snob who snorts and laughs at little White children “deserving it” whilst fawning over African children with tears in their eyes! All of them are to blame to one degree or the other! This sociopathic system has created a monster from the monster which it is itself! 

This insanity and injustice needs to stop! Now!

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