Holocaust Denial in a World of Lies

Deception Today

We live in a world which is over-flowing with deceit and corruption on a daily basis. Each day the average person is confronted with multiple lies and manipulations beaming into their faces through technology or in other forms via the workplace, schools and wider environment. Every time we open a newspaper we are faced with lies. Each time we put the television on or log onto the internet there are more lies and deceptions. Our system is so fake and corrupt that even the people live their lives as a lie; believing delusions of body dysphoria and other types of psychological illnesses which are then supported by the media and so-called intellectuals.

In this environment is it really unreasonable to ask questions about historic events which we have been taught from birth upwards? Could it be possible that if there is this much deception and manipulation for everything else, that perhaps not everything we have been taught has been 100% correct? This is especially so for topics of indoctrination which are used not only as money making schemes and power grabs, but to cause an entire ethnic group and culture of people to self hate and embrace ills upon themselves which are destructive.

I am not suggesting we should never believe anything from history. I am merely questioning that if some historical events are used in a deeply abusive manner towards specific groups in today’s world; and if there is no real evidence for said event; and we are witnessing deception and lies on a daily basis – surely it is not unreasonable to ask questions? We are expected to simply believe what we told and how deadly the lies are is irrelevant. You must believe or become an outcast and potentially lose your freedom when you are imprisoned for not complying!

We are currently observing the mechanisms of brainwashing. We watch how the media uses its malevolent propaganda to harm both children and adults alike. We witness school teachers indoctrinating the children with ideas that will not only prove negatively upon the children’s lives, but detrimental and devastating to the society as a whole. With this in mind, why should we not assume that World War Two and the alleged Holocaust have been used in the exact same manner as everything else?

WW2 and the Holocaust

World War Two was a devastating time period in our history. As if the destruction and death count of World War One wasn’t enough, along comes another great war of death and misery across multiple countries. But there is only one story from the Second World War which is given significance and power today, and is not the millions of innocent White men, women and children who are given such an honour. Only the alleged Holocaust holds such significance and everything else is tossed aside as irrelevant.

In regards to the Holocaust there are mostly two ideas about what happened:

1. It definitely happened and six million Jews were killed via genocidal means.

2. It never happened, or at least the numbers are grossly exaggerated. 

There are various degrees of what people believe about this and a variety of different theories which explain why what happened did. Both claim to have evidence to prove what they say is true. The only difference is that one is backed by the power structure, media, education, protected by law to the point that anyone who questions it can be and are jailed; it is taught from birth right into adulthood via their own families, schools, universities, media, politicians, literally everyone and everything continuously reinforces this specific idea; it profits financially, politically, and has a flow of eternal “never forget” slogans which gives immunity from criticism even if there are justified things to criticise.

The other difference is that one has no power structure, no media backing, no critical thinking via education (it is in fact used negatively to affirm the other belief), no legal protections, no political power, no support, no constant propaganda in the environment and rather than people being jailed to deny this version – those who ask the questions are jailed in favour of the other.

We do not need to be historical experts and to have studied World War two in fine details to look at this and wonder what is wrong with this picture? Does it sit well in your stomach? These social and legal terms are being propped up by the same system which is taking your children and sexualising them using their gender theories. It is the same system which will jail you if you are not careful around matters of gender theory, race ideology, immigration, religion, and everything which they smother us with from where we cannot escape. If you step out of line then you could face imprisonment and/or your life ruined. How is not believing what we have been taught about World War Two and the alleged Holocaust any different than the others?

The Impact of the Holocaust Story

In order to make an informed decision based upon critical thinking we need to not only look at what is presented to us by others, but to step back and look at the entire situation with a clear head, and with as least bias as possible.

Some questions which will cross through the minds of people who look at this without bias are:

How does this affect me?

According to the main stream website Wikipedia the list of countries where Holocaust denial is either illegal or associated to ‘hate crime’ and other illegal anti-freedom laws there are at least twenty two countries. This list is not concise enough and slightly misleading. In the United Kingdom Holocaust ‘denial’ is not illegal per say, but again can fall under other faux laws which are used to inhibit free speech and expression. Usually people will be charged with some technical matter or under a faux ‘hate law’ but the entire process is based upon the fact that said person did not conform to the state promoted belief of the Holocaust. One case recently involved Alison Chabloz who sang comedic songs about the Holocaust and was sent to jail and suffered state persecution. The European Union also claims that ‘Holocaust denial’ is not free speech.

With this in mind, how does it affect you? Do you want to be free to ask questions? Tell jokes? Be critical of history? Criticise indoctrination and propaganda? Or do you enjoy being under threat of state imprisonment and the press hounding you into subservience and humiliation?

How does this benefit Jewish people?

Victim culture shields people from criticism and justice. If you are a victim eternally, you are forever shielded. Without criticism and with free reign to do as one pleases with ultimate protections – this isn’t healthy for the said perceived victim or any true victims of said people.

What are the long lasting effects of believing the mainstream version?

Loss of human rights and power over our own destiny. Being psychologically crushed into accepting any abuses aimed at us under the pretense that “we deserve it”.

What damage does believing this do?

Apart from the already mentioned threat of imprisonment? There are the psychological effects which are placed as a burden onto other groups. Especially people who are ethnic Europeans. It would be seen as abusive if a parent relentlessly told their children what garbage and monsters they were and that they deserved no future, no love, and they were to blame for ever ill and wrong in the world. Why is it OK for people of European decent to be treated in the same manner? We are collectively demonised on a daily basis by every single power structure and system – why? What ill have the children of today done that they deserve to become second class citizens in their own lands? What evil have our children committed where they deserve to be relentlessly abused by this system? What psychological impact does belief in the Holocaust have upon the average person? Guilt, sadness, self hatred, a feeling that we need to eternally repent for some perceived ill which our collective group allegedly did to another before they were even born!

Imagine all those millions of dying soldiers from all different countries, and so many civilian deaths too. Did these ancestors of ours die and suffer horrendous unimaginable experiences so you today had to not only live in perpetual guilt, shame, humiliation and self hatred – but in fear and under threat by the same power structure which sent them off to die?

Why would they lie?

This is a very good question. Make yourself a cup of tea and have a think about this. Are you free to think about this? Are you free to talk about this? What future will your children have considering today’s circumstances? You might need more than one cup, the depths of deception and propaganda are immense.


Human nature sometimes screams out more than the images flashed into your face in order to draw emotion. The world in which we reside is foaming with corruption and deception. European children are being treated so appallingly and abused with inflicted guilt, self hatred, sadness, worthlessness and like they come from evil, own nothing and have no future – there must be a reason for this!

If the same power structure which relentlessly suffocates Europeans with this message also threaten and punish those who ask questions about it, then those questions must be very dangerous to that structure; so dangerous, that the structure itself could crumble if it were to answer those questions honestly.

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