Where There is a Will There is a Way – Borders Really Can Be Closed

We are currently living through a time era of dramatic and seismic change. The implications of the COVID-19 Virus will vibrate across the entire globe and the full consequences are yet to be known. Nevertheless, there shall be very serious consequences to this out break and also the inept and selfish responses by those in power.

There are a plethora of articles written about the COVID-19 Pandemic and there will be thousands more written from now, so I wanted to speak about this from a different angle than the mainstream media.

How Fast the Borders Close When The Powerful Are Rattled

For decades we have been told that open borders are something we must continue with or else the entire world may swallow us up whole and the end would be nigh! Our ruling overlords inform us that is for our benefit and a necessity – a part of who we are and something we cannot function without! All lies! and as we can see from the response to this Pandemic situation all the lies are fully exposed for all to see.

The neglectful and contemptuous response to the COVID-19 Pandemic by the political elite in Britain has been an eye-opener for the average person. Many of us already knew full well the contempt and nonchalant attitude confidently dismissing our lives as mere numbers and cattle, and our suffering as some type of collateral damage for their fat pay packets and ideological ego; but not everyone fully understood this hostility, many genuinely believed that the rulers only try their best and are just ordinary people deep down, people like themselves. In reality the indigenous do not matter to them and we are held in the most hostile contempt imaginable.

With this said, we have also come to learn how quickly and capable our countries are of closing the borders. Britain is not at the forefront of this example, as always, instead telling her citizens to keep a stiff upper lip and either die for country or get over it! However, our European neighbours and family have shown us how borders can be closed and flights halted with rapid ease. Sure, it is not the ideal situation and there will be some problems endured – but we see this really can be done!

The British rulers do not care when their open border policies cause mass violent crime and rape upon our people and children – we are called racist and quickly dehumanised, mocked, threatened and even jailed as racists when we cry out about such atrocities! And when a deadly virus ravishes its way across our borders just the same? They tell us that yes, indeed many of our loved ones shall perish but we should all just accept our fate like good little cattle and carry on as normal. This is the disgust and contempt those who lead us have for the ordinary indigenous man and woman of Britain. It is an age old problem and one which will not cease until the people themselves outwardly express their utter revulsion and anger at this type of criminality.

Now and in the coming months we shall witness how quickly the borders can be closed and strengthened simply by our rulers being rattled at the thought of losing money, power and even becoming sick themselves. But make no bones about it – if they could get away with millions of bodies piling high in the streets and still have money flowing and filling their pockets and keep their positions of authority – they would do it without a second thought and all at the cost of our lives!

Planes have been grounded across Europe and borders even closed in some countries.

Without Open Borders, This Pandemic Would Not Have Happened

Planes have been grounded and borders have been closed and yet, the world has not ended and the ground beneath our feet still stands! Interestingly too, having strong border control would not remotely impact us in the way this open-borders Pandemic already has and will further as the weeks go on. Imagine if we had strong border control before this very serious situation occurred? We would not be suffering, panicking and facing losing thousands, if not millions of our beloved family and friends to this wretched virus. All brought about by people foreign to our lands and who are renown for maltreating animals and causing this dangerous mutation via their racial and cultural practices.

With strong border control and homogeneous nations we would not be facing this terrifying situation today. It is the very policies of the Globalist Zionist open border elite and their NGO and media minions who have created this dreadful and fatal Pandemic upon the innocents of our countries.

Whether the weapon of choice is human trafficking and facilitating invasion by welcoming those who stand at our borders throwing bricks and molotov cocktails; screaming war cries that they shall slit our throats and out breeding us in our own lands; or whether it be a deadly virus with the potential to wipe out millions of lives well before their time! Each of these terrifying crimes are brought on and manifested in our realities due to open border policies.

Without open borders we would NOT:

  1. Have had millions of raped children at the hands of Islamic non-Whites who targeted the victims in the hundreds of thousands and still do this very day.
  2. Lost loved ones due to the barbarity of Islamic terrorism which has butchered thousands of innocents and does not relent from murderous activism against us year in and year out.
  3. Over-burdened resources such as schools, hospitals, strains and waiting lists for the NHS.
  4. A housing crisis.
  5. Hate laws created to perpetually appease those who are not indigenous by stifling the freedoms and rights of the indigenous who are the only group denied protections and the only group targeted as criminals of hate.
  6. Female Genital Mutilation cases, forced marriages and honour killings.
  7. Massive violent crime and murder rates, ghettoised areas where the indigenous have fled from and lost entire towns and cities to the non-indigenous.
  8. Thousands of people out of work due to being up against massive amounts of people when attending interviews.
  9.  Children failing at school due to elevation of the non-indigenous at the cost of indigenous children and teenagers. Same for careers with adults.
  10. The reality of deadly epidemics and pandemics which kill many thousands/millions of people – who would otherwise be alive and spending time with their loving families.

Open borders kills! Open borders policies can kill you slowly as it commits heinous genocide as it ethnically cleansing you from your own ethnic homeland; or it can kill you by the hand of terrorists who froth at the mouth urging to murder you in the street as you pick up your child from school or walk to work; or it can stab you as you are mugged for your wallet or phone; or it can rape you because your delicate white skin shines like a jewel to be stolen and defiled; or it can beat you for walking through the wrong neighbourhood; or it can provoke you into suicide because the terrorist killed not you but your loved one and this destroys your whole life; or it can come as a deadly virus – like Coronovirus.

And what do we still hear being peddled by the State and their media? For all of these very real killer manifestations which we now face on a daily basis – our political leaders and media will still tell us that open borders are a good policy, needed, a necessity and something we by law must accept or else we are racist. If you have to bury a loved one due to this open borders virus and you then scream out in pain that if the politicians had strict border control policy, our loved one would still be alive – they will most certainly still, even in that moment of despair and grief, call you a racist!

Image of an Italian child drawing a picture of the Coronovirus. A child who would be at school and visiting their loving grandparents rather than watching the dead be buried and drawing imagery of the deadly curse facilitated into Italy and Europe by treacherous open border policy.

Change Can Happen for Our Benefit – The Borders can be Safely Closed and Strictly Controlled!

Now you can see the severity and the lies oozing from each corner of their mouths, will you accept their lies next time they tell you that immigration cannot be halted or caused to cease for the health and well being of the indigenous of this land? Or shall you nod your head, knowing that they lie, knowing that they have the power to easily stop this open border madness? Will you speak out and stop being afraid to be called mere names? Or will you cower and watch your own beloved family and neighbours be swept away to the morgue due to this fatal open borders virus, crying into your tissue that your loved ones may be dead, but at least people do not think you are a racist?

With this deadly pandemic we are not only learning about what little value we have in the eyes of our rulers, but how easily they can put healthy and beneficial policies into place – if only they have the will to do so. The question is: Will the people finally say enough is enough and demand change which benefits them and their descendants? Or will they watch their family members dying in the corridors of a failing crumbling hospital as a non-indigenous person with no connection to these lands, takes up the bed and respirator in their loved ones place?

Open borders caused this COVID-19 Pandemic. It has already cost lives and many more will perish. If now is not the time to discuss honestly the criminal policies which have brought us to this fatal situation, then I fear there will never be such a time again. Are the lives of you and your loved ones worth more than this?

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