2020 – Our Attitude of Silence Has To Change

We have remained silent and passive for far too long. We are sleep walking into a world which most could not even comprehend in their worst nightmares. The creeping tyranny of the state has rapidly gained pace in the past decade. This is because we as a people have allowed it to happen. If you stay silent whilst a maniac runs riot in your house, things will inevitably become much worse as the maniac realises that they are surrounded by pacifists who will tolerate any behaviour, no matter how vile and destructive. Our comforts and heavy indoctrination has caused us to sit passively whilst our basic rights are stripped away and the mechanisms for our persecution are openly fitted into place.

We are living in a time where the indigenous British people are being persecuted by the system for jokes, rants, opinions, words, or being known to have dissenting opinion from the state enforced narrative. Whether it be Kate Scottow being handcuffed whilst breast feeding her baby for “misgendering” someone on twitter; or Billy Charlton being jailed for 21 months for speaking against treasonous political policies and injustice over the brutal gang rape of Chelsea Wright (whose rapists walked free), we know we are living in a time of great peril, and it is only going to become much worse.

It is not the time to cower away and bend to the will of intimidation and threats. This does not necessarily mean we have to walk around the streets with signs, or even endanger yourself in the workplace; or with the teachers at your children’s school; or get yourself thrown into prison. It doesn’t mean you have to suddenly sacrifice everything in one big swoop. Living in precarious times means we do indeed have to avoid certain situations and have some self control or else the consequences could be life changing. However, this does not excuse us doing nothing, saying nothing, hiding our true feelings 24 hours a day to everyone, becoming meek and 100% compliant at every turn or heaven forbid – joining in with the insane treason against us just to fit in or because you are scared, or disgustingly, for money! We certainly do have to survive but we must find every way which doesn’t involve treason and selling our children into slavery to do it!

How to change for the better without feeling you are taking the whole world on?

It is the simple things, the benign subtleties which you will natural do as a default once you get into the mind of fighting against the narrative imposed on us every day. The problem is not whether we can all project huge displays of defiance – it is our attitude and approach to the dreadful environment which we find ourselves in which matters. We need to change our attitude of weakness, obedience, compliance, fear, shame and submission! Once we become defiant, stronger, fearless (or at least shed as much of the external fear as possible) shameless for who we are, refusing to be submissive – everything will eventually change for us all and ultimately, our children. It is not about suddenly arranging to be some public character of dissenting greatness. No. It is about us changing our attitudes towards the entire environment and situation and carrying the right frame of mind into our everyday life. If we each do this, and shed the ridiculous, treacherous fears and shame which we have been inflicted with, the differences we will each make shall come naturally and will not even need much thought. It shall be the seeds you plant into the minds of others, the strength which will inevitably permeate from you. Once our attitudes change, gradually there will be no stopping us. It will become infectious in the most positive way.

We do not need to compare ourselves to people who we could never live up to. The changes in society come from the strong few but with the strength of the collective in heart. Not everyone is a hero who will be spoken of through time, but every one of us can be a hero of the collective for the sake of the future of our children and country. It only needs to take a slight alteration of your inner strengths and weaknesses and everything else afterwards will flow naturally like a river of freedom and honour.

The change has to come from us, from within us, and bind to our character and hearts. Once this happens, the changes will manifest through out the land and our children might actually have a chance of living in safety, peace and with justice – not tyranny, treason and fear.

Let’s make 2020 the year where we all make an effort to strengthen the qualities within us which will help us to project strength and honour out to all of those around us. The more we do this, the more others will feel a sense of relief that they too can do the same.

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