They Hold a Mirror to the Islamist, then Claim You are the One Staring Back

Living Under a Tyranny Called “Freedom”

For many years now there has been a worrying development in the narrative towards the White indigenous of Britain and White people of the Western world in general. Many of us could see the insidious nature of it many years ago; the seeds being planted, the manipulation and gradual build up of the propaganda targeting our rights. Now it is becoming even more alarming and unfortunately it is only going to become much worse. I am speaking about the way the politicians and media are spinning the lie that White people who are Nationalists, who love their own people, who have in-group preferences and speak out against the abuses and persecution against them – are identical to Islamic terrorists who slaughter people in cold blood on a regular basis.

Those who control the media have been pushing this narrative for a long time and any excuse they find to present their propaganda as being real, they unashamedly will. The majority of terror attacks in the UK and Europe are committed by Islamic Muslims (usually third generation at best, newly arrived migrants at worst) and every time we witness such a horror we are told that it is nothing to do with immigration, Islamic doctrine or Muslims. We are then threatened that it is the language of Europeans which is the problem and if we speak too honestly, angrily, or even joke – we are as bad as the Islamic terrorists who commit the murder – if not worse!

We see this in how the authorities respond to the British public after such an atrocity has taken place. There are countless examples of the authorities and politicians threatening people over their “behaviour” and “speech” after yet another Islamist attack has taken place. The priority of those in charge is to always protect immigrants and Islam at any cost, no matter what crimes they have committed. Our protection is irrelevant to them.

One example is Cheshire Police who posted threats towards the British public over their use of language with 2 years in jail for the grave horror of a “hate speech” crime! Never mind watching your people get slaughtered and butchered – keep those racist and bigoted feelings suppressed or go to jail!

Glasgow Police also regularly warns the British public about their language.

Is this freedom? Not only do we have to suffer the incessant demands and celebration of every other group but our own, but we cannot even show rightful anger or criticism when they slaughter us in the streets.

This So-Called Land of the Free

Could you have ever imagined being arrested for a comment you made in a pub twenty years ago? How about being arrested for making a joke? Maybe having the police visit your place of employment to warn you about “your thinking” because of something you said on social media? Could you ever foresee that you would live under this tyrannical and threatening system and still watch the entire society proclaim that they are free? Has there ever been a time period in European history where such large numbers of people were as deluded and self harming as they are today?

When it comes to our rights being stolen like this we begin to live with daily cautiousness, because the threat of punishment permeates our lives every single day. We must accept the bitter truth that this is targeted persecution against indigenous Europeans, and these types of policies are all directed towards Native Europeans in order to silence them into submission, as the political polices which damage them persist on-wards.

We are supposed to look upon mutilated bodies, death, destruction, carnage, screams of despair and horror; and we are not allowed to respond naturally, instinctively or with principles of any kind. If we do, even in the most non-aggressive verbal manner – we become the criminals. Meanwhile, the groups which the perpetrators belong to enjoy ultimate protections by the state and unlimited support of the media, whilst we as a group are denied basic rights and are humiliated relentlessly and torn apart by those institutions for much, much less.

According to The Times in 2017 alone:

“Intelligence officers have identified 23,000 jihadist extremists living in Britain as potential terrorist attackers, it emerged yesterday.

The scale of the challenge facing the police and security services was disclosed by Whitehall sources after criticism that multiple opportunities to stop the Manchester bomber had been missed.

About 3,000 people from the total group are judged to pose a threat and are under investigation or active monitoring in 500 operations being run by police and intelligence services. The 20,000 others have featured in previous inquiries and are categorised as posing a “residual risk”.

The two terrorists who have struck in Britain this year — Salman Abedi, the Manchester bomber, and Khalid Masood, the Westminster killer — were in the pool of “former subjects of interest”.

The risk of a terrorist attack at the hands of Islamists is a grave and very serious concern. It is something which happens every year in multiple locations. No where is safe from this threat, not in the West or even third world nations where much of this terror stems from. This violent behaviour is not the same equivalence as White people who do not want open-borders and to be ethnically cleansed in their own lands; or who defy being called a “racist” and “white supremacist” on a daily basis; or who reject Islam; or who protest racial and religious crimes against their people; or who speak openly out about state tyranny and the unabated attack upon people of European descent!

There has been so little evidence which the state and media could use against us, that they had to start categorizing “hate crimes on the internet” by White people, as terrorist activity. Even when the state and media claim to foil some over exaggerated “Far-right terror plot”, when you look into it, even those arrests are not the equivalent of the Islamists. More often than not these so called ‘far-right’ extremists are a bunch of people using online chat apps to vent frustration, joke around and say things which they wouldn’t in public. They would be critical of those who can never be criticised, ironically, without repercussions. Whether there is a crude element to this and whether there is talk which can be perceived as violence, does not mean that the people saying such things are conspiring as group to actively set out as criminals and commit an act of physical harm! It is more akin to typing their conversations they might of had behind closed doors before we lived in Police State with no freedoms. Whereas the Islamists do quite the opposite and prove over and over again that they are indeed a grave threat against the general population.

Many people use the internet in the same manner they might with a bunch of friends at the pub; drinking and saying things they would not dare at work or to their mother-in-law! Maybe vent about something politically or shock horror – openly speak of those whom they hate! Well! Quickly send in the troops and grab those people from their after-work pints and banter and throw them in jail for the terrorists they are! This is the absurdity of our current reality and it is not going to stop. Unfortunately it will become far more serious than it currently is.

Interestingly enough, the reciting of violent Islamic doctrines and the promotion of the Islamisation of non-Muslim countries, and violence against the Natives, is not treated the same. When Islamists are arrested it is because they are a threat. When White people are arrested it is because we do not have any rights and the state needs to raise the statistics of “White terrorism” in order to further deny us basic human rights and the claim to our own homelands.

Islamic extremists are free to storm the streets of Europe singing war cries, calling for murder, bragging about their alleged ‘take over’ of Europe and making threats. Europeans condemning this on social media can be and are arrested by the European authorities for “hate” speech.

According to this article from 2018 White people make up the largest amount of terror arrests in the UK. Amazing! Where are all these evil White terrorists which we are are told so much about? Where is the long line of statistical data showing how White people perpetually go on killing sprees? The answer is you will not find any because such incidents are a rarity – which is why when it does happen the media and politicians relentlessly speak of said incident over and over again. Unlike when Islamic attacks occur – which are so many, we forget one from the next because it happens so frequently. Islamic attacks happen with such regularity – we have become hugely desensitized to each new attack.

Another hate piece against White people from The Guardian. The same media outlet who chastises White people as ‘racists’ and whose journalists write articles claiming it’s a great idea to put men and boys into concentration camps

According to the same article which tries so very hard to make you fear this “Far-right” threat, once you get past all the blatant propaganda you see that:

“There were 218 persons in custody in Britain for terrorism-related offences, up 7% on the previous year.

Of those in custody, 82% were categorised as holding Islamist extremist views, a further 13% as holding far-right ideologies and 6% other ideologies.”

They will not care to explain to you that this 13% is mostly Facebook posts and Tweets which are perceived as “hate crimes” and of a “Far-right” vein. Whereas the 82% of Islamists are each an individual and very serious threat to the innocent Native people.

How and Why the Media Portray White People as Potential Mass Killers

The main stream media are not owned or controlled by anyone who has your interests as a White ethnic European man, woman or child, at heart. It would be terrible but slightly less disturbing if this was simply all about the money. Of course, these media corporations do love their money, and they seek to keep the news alive so they can cause outrage, distress and compliance with the public, as they rake in the cash for themselves. Sadly, the media are not entirely about the money. In fact, many main stream news sources are hemorrhaging cash due to public disdain for them and lack of trust. This does not stop those media sources staying afloat though, because there are always billionaire philanthropists, corporations and banks who can throw endless money at them to keep the news flowing from said sources. Why? you might ask yourself. Why the interest in keeping these news sources pushing out their stories? It is the same reason that Hollywood can make multi-million dollar movies which flop with huge losses and little interest from the general public. It is because it isn’t about the money, it is about having the power of the narrative and the culture at large.

This headline comes from the same news source which tells you being a nationalist is on par with being an Islamist mass murderer.

When it comes to how White people of European descent are treated by the media you have to understand one very basic thing; the media hate us. They have nothing but seething contempt for you and your family and they will not stop dehumanising you as long as they remain in tight control of these large global media corporations. Take The Guardian as one example. They regularly post news articles speaking of the “evil far-right” who linger in shadows and prowl the streets. This powerful White entity which must be stopped at all costs for the sake of humanity! They publish articles shaming White people and claiming that Whites as a racial group are in continuous danger of spontaneously combusting into what they call “Far-right terrorists”.

The main stream media continuously portray any White people as wanting the basic human right of a homeland and a safe environment for their future children – as terrorists.

In this anti-White propaganda piece they complain that White people who are alleged to commit “terror offences” generally get less severe punishment by the state. This is another hit piece which is whining that a White person who is critical of Islam, or shit posts online has the same or worse intention as what an Islamic terrorist would. Although there are indeed instances of where a random mentally unwell White person may commit an offense which can be labelled as terrorism; there is no instruction manual, holy doctrine or terror organisations which exist that can cause White people and White nationalists in general to be collectively guilty when these irregular events happen. Unlike the Islamist who takes direct instruction from Muslim terror organisations spread across the globe; from their religious doctrines which call for violence under the command of their deity; and the regularity of Islamic terror attacks, a never ending cycle we shall never see the back of for as long as we have Islamic doctrine in our lands.

An Islamic terrorist in Nice, France murdered 86 innocent people and injured 458 more. This number does not count those who witnessed it and suffered psychological torment and the life long pain and grief of the families and friends of those who were wounded and killed. This is one of countless Islamic terrorist attacks on European soil.

It does not occur to those in the media that perhaps the threat of an Islamist is far more dangerous than some White person having a rant on Facebook, criticising Islam or immigration. This is because the media desire that White people are seen as worse than Islamic terrorists. It is not in their interests to tell the truth about the statistics or the observable reality in which we all live. It is only in their interests to deconstruct our identity, strip us of our rights and cause hatred against us, whilst taking pleasure when we are imprisoned and denied justice. They do this whilst uplifting immigration and Islamic doctrine as glorious peaceful aspects of our societies which should be protected and defended at all costs – even when they are killing us!

But why?

First it needs to be understood that the types of people who write these articles are not like you are. They have zero loyalty or association with the average White European who goes to work and just wants to be left alone to raise their families. Many are not of the same ethnicity; or the same religious or non-religious mindset; or of the same general backgrounds of working or middle class, certainly not poor; and most importantly – they are all trained and qualified in anti-White educational methods which they are continuously projecting onto us.

Those who work in the media are working in their own interests and this does not involve you being free to speak your mind; to protect yourself and your family; to live in safety; to die in peace knowing that your White children will be safe and happy; to even exist. Yes, you read that last part correctly – those who write the stories in the media do not want you to exist! The same people who try to evoke feelings of shame and guilt, of compliance and obedience – those same people want you and your entire group gone forever.

Imagine this headline, article and book written (by Daniel Campbell Blight) about any other group than White people?
I wonder what journalists like Daniel.C.Blight would say to this innocent White child?

Who Are These Media Figures Feeding You the Poison of Shame and Self Hatred?

We have a tendency to view the media as either left or right wing and this is a complete fallacy. There is only anti-White/anti-Native/anti-European media and alternatives to this. But without getting into the realms of the political situation so elaborately, let us take a look at the types of people who write the stories which dehumanise us, and insinuate we need to lose our rights because we are as bad as, or worse, than Islamic extremists.

We have seen the aggressive anti-White propaganda peddled by The Guardian as one example of the media pushing for White people to lose their rights in a systematic and targeted campaign to persecute Native Europeans. So let us take a look at The Guardian and understand why they do this and who they are.

Here is one of many journalists who works at The Guardian and is a prime example of people having no clue who is writing the stories and what the real agenda is of the people who do it.

Daniel Campbell Blight and all his fellow anti-white media propagandists seems to be a Blight upon us all.

Daniel Campbell Blight works for The Guardian and we can see on this article he wrote recently about his new anti-White book that he peddles nothing but hatred towards White Europeans. We see things like:

“The troubling story of whiteness”


“In order to untie ourselves from whiteness, and from white dominant photographic practices, we need to subvert what I call “the image of whiteness”.

“The Image of Whiteness introduces readers to extracts from the troubling story of whiteness, describing its falsehoods, its paradoxes and its oppressive nature.”

And of course the blatant desire to remove White people from existence:

“Images are, after all, forms of imagination – so why can’t we imagine a world without whiteness, without white eyes?”

Keep in mind that we are reading from The Guardian here – the same media outlet we were just reading about trying to convince Native British/Europeans that we have a racially inherited problem, and we could all spontaneously combust into “Far-Right White supremacist terrorists” at any moment! Let’s look some more at the media who dehumanises you and promotes the idea that you are worse than an Islamic terrorist who butchers innocent people on a regular basis!

What is “Whiteness?”

In Layman’s terms ‘whiteness’ is an aggressive ideology taught through out all Western universities today. An example here from Oxford University by Barbara Applebaum claims:

“Critical Whiteness Studies (CWS) is a growing field of scholarship whose aim is to reveal the invisible structures that produce and reproduce white supremacy and privilege. CWS presumes a certain conception of racism that is connected to white supremacy. In advancing the importance of vigilance among white people, CWS examines the meaning of white privilege and white privilege pedagogy, as well as how white privilege is connected to complicity in racism. Unless white people learn to acknowledge, rather than deny, how whites are complicit in racism, and until white people develop an awareness that critically questions the frames of truth and conceptions of the “good” through which they understand their social world, Du Bois’s insight will continue to ring true.”

These ideological teachings are directing from Critical Race Theory which permeates all of the education systems through out White countries. These are the courses which are learned by all people in the Western media today. Everything you see in the media, whether it be this topic or countless more, are written, edited and broadcast by people who are educated in this manner. They are taught to hate White people racially, culturally, our history and our very existence. These educational qualifications are nothing but glorified rewards for genocidal studies. They are the people who read us the news and tell us how to think. Do you want these people telling you how to live and think when they clearly despise you and want you dead?

Some examples of anti-White articles written by the same media outlet which pushes the ideas that White people are collectively worse as a group than Islamists.

The Different Reactions Towards Each Incident Are Agenda Driven

Another example of the manipulation of the mass media is how they present the infrequent event of a rogue White person with no ideology committing murder, compared to the Islamic terrorist who has firm ideological beliefs and an instruction manual via religious doctrine to commit the crimes in the name of a deity. The frequency of attacks by Muslims is unfathomable in comparison to a White person who every few years or so snaps and commits some-what similar crimes – mostly with far less casualties than the Islamist. When a rogue White person commits a crime which could be perceived as terrorism they are more often than not mentally unwell and they have been made to feel so worthless in this anti-White environment, that they eventually commit crimes of despair after suffering life long psychological torment by the corrupt system which bullies them and shames them from birth.

A sharp contrast to the Muslim terrorists who are more often than not a part of various international networks of murderous terrorist groups involved in sex slavery, rape, drugs trafficking, people trafficking, forced conversion to their ideology, mass killings, oppression of women and children and more. The Islamist is following a specific doctrine which calls for the very acts of terrorism they commit – sanctioned by a deity of which there is no greater permission! The media and politicians may want you believe that there are no differences here – they are lying! It is true that on the odd occasion a White person commits an act of killing one or more people from the already discussed despair and mental illness – there may be some elements to that which coincide with how others feel, or some opinions may have certain parallels. However, this is not enough to make the spurious claim that such a person is following some type of instruction manual from an ideological source belonging to all White people – because there isn’t one! Maybe said person also had opinions which coincide with the authorities themselves? With the media even? Picking and choosing random coincidences or parallels to manipulate in order to create an image of a structured, ideological core is deeply dishonest. How can White people as a racial collective be a danger – but Muslims who are many races and follow an ideological religious doctrine, written in words, commanded by a deity, promised rewards for violence – not be dangerous?

One comparison is how the media portrayed Thomas Mair who killed Jo Cox in 2016. The article shows the public that if you have any historical memorabilia, history books and rune stones – you must be a raging terrorist killer. Even look at the way he stacked his food cupboard! All orderly like a true murderer would do, right?

In reality rune stones are a part of European history and culture, used by Pagans and other peaceful spiritual European identities, as well as those who simply love to use the ancient symbols for art, crafts, and just inspiration in general. Rune stones do not come with an instruction manual which calls for divinely inspired mass murder – so this image below which was published by The Guardian – is irrelevant to what Mair did but relevant for the agenda of the journalists!

Thousands of years old ancient artifacts and cultural, historical symbols are portrayed as being connected to terrorism. Yet a religious book packed with instructions to brutally kill and rape people who are not of their kind, to conquer their lands, to dominate all other peoples – and it is a peaceful doctrine which you must never criticise else you become the criminal! Sweden contemplated banning its own history and runic symbols but would never dare contemplate banning an actual religious manual which teaches violence.

Images from The Guardian.

Let us compare the Mair story how the media portrays the terrorist murderer Sudesh Mamoor Faraz Amman who committed the recent Islamist attack in London 2020:

Images from the Daily Mail.

As you can see, the imagery for the Islamic terrorist is a far jump from what the mentally unwell Mair did. In the articles about Sudesh Mamoor Faraz Amman we can see that the media are portraying Amman as an innocent child. The photographs and poses of the killer all as a very young boy, eating, hoovering up for his mum, all imagery to make you sympathise with the Islamic terrorist. As if the pictures being compared do not already speak a thousand words, I shall give a few examples of the language used in the article too:

“The father of the Streatham terror attacker today revealed he told his son ‘not to be naughty’ less than 24 hours before his rampage.”

“Be a GOOD boy”

See how the media try to raise feelings of sympathy and for you to connect on an empathetic level that the Islamic terrorist “was really just a good boy!” How many times have you used the words “good boy” and “naughty” to your own children? This use of language is as intentional as the photographs.

“‘He would never talk to me about naughty things. “

“She described her son as a ‘lovely boy’ as she fought back tears.”

Again raising the emotions of the Islamic terrorist being a naughty boy, innocent but sweet – just like the pictures of the sweet little angel! No different than your own beautiful children! And of course:

“He asked for his favourite mutton biryani meal just hours before he was shot dead by police. 

Haleema Khan, 41, of Dunstable, Bedfordshire, learned about both yesterday’s attack in Streatham and her son’s death from TV news, having spoken to him on the phone earlier in the day when he asked for the meal.

Always the victim, even when killing. But not White people, no, they are always guilty no matter what! Just think about the poor terrorist little boy asking his mum for a nice home cooked meal! Never are the motives or reasons for Islamist attacks approached from reality.

Even when it comes to the unusual case of the incident in New Zealand, technically it could be argued that his motives were purely environmental. But do we hear about the connections to environmentalism? Do we connect Extinction Rebellion or Greta Thunberg to this particular incident? Do we see articles posting images of environmentalist organisations? Of course not! Because if there is anything remotely about an incident like that which gives the media a reason to attack White people, Nationalists and anything European – they will jump on it and milk it until there is nothing left of the sore bruised udder! However, when non-Whites and Muslims commit any barbaric crime, including terrorism, the state and media automatically go into damage control mode and search for anything which they can present to the public which deflects from the truth.

According to the state and media, when an outlier White person goes and commits a murder which is targeted, it is the fault of all White people, Nationalism, and anything which is to do with being White/European must be crushed to stop these evil violent racists from sponateously combusting into murderers! When Islamists do far worse far more frequently – it’s nothing to do with Islam, immigration or Muslims – we must celebrate all these things and praise and reward these peoples and ideas perpetually!

On July 7th 2005, 52 people were murdered and more than 700 were wounded by an Islamic terrorist attack. 

Political Tyrants Casting the Net of Dehumanisation Upon Europeans

As well as the obvious propaganda by the media (which is too much to mention in this article alone) politicians affirm the media’s targeting of innocent White people and the dehumanization of Europeans. As Donald Trump recently said:

“In one voice our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and White supremacy….Today I am also directing The Department of Justice to propose legislation ensuring that those who commit hate crimes and mass murderers face the death penalty, and that this capital punishment be delivered quickly, decisively, and without years of needless delay.”

Notice how he throws in the vague accusation of “hate crimes” with “mass murderers” and calls for the executions of both, as though both are equal in severity.

America the great nation of freedoms and dreams! Not anymore, because no White nation of European descent shall be without these anti-White hate laws and systematic abuses which persecute Native Europeans. As predicted and alarmingly so, we see that even the USA is manifesting these same “hate” laws to weaponize against White people. You would almost think that each Western country is ruled by the same people!

This year in 2020 the American FBI has deemed “White supremacy” as a global terror threat worse than ISIS and this is not something to be dismissed as an American only issue. Europeans already suffer from this type of racial persecution and the UK/European governments and agencies of the state all work hand in hand with the USA. According to this article the FBI sees White people as a general threat to the public. Just like in the UK and Europe, America also conflates “hate crime” with terrorism and this is where it starts to become disturbing. From the FBI website:

“As we hope we will make clear to you today, the FBI takes very seriously the threats posed by domestic terrorism and hate crimes. Though our investigations are often labeled in the public discourse, the FBI will continue to investigate incidents as both domestic terrorism and a hate crime simultaneously unless or until one avenue is foreclosed or eliminated.”

This paragraph alone is terrifying! Again the conflating of “hate crime” with “terrorism” is extremely alarming since the definition of terrorism is a politically motivated act of harm against the public, or conspiracy to do such. The definition of a hate crime is so vague and blurred with no true explanation – intentionally so. Many hate laws are based around the feelings of the accuser! So we are living in a system which equates the criminal act of terrorist activity with the feelings of any special protected group who decides to accuse White people of a “hate crime”.

White people across the Western world are being portrayed as a collective evil capable of terrorist crimes at any said moment. There is a political and media driven agenda which seeks to strip White people of their rights, threaten them, keep them in a state of perpetual fear and shame – all whilst openly bragging how White people are being ethnically replaced i.e. experiencing genocide.

What do the statistic say about the threat of terrorism? Where those threats are the most common?

Terrorism is most predominant in the third world, Africa, the Middle East and Islamic theocracies. The very same people who your governments are bringing into the West in the millions and giving protective status to as they behave exactly the same and worse, in our lands.

Graph showing top 50 countries experiencing terrorism

Without Islamic terrorism, the United Kingdom and other White nations would be far lower than it is on this graph. Source

Graph which shows the terrifying number of fatalities which are mostly caused by Islamic and non-White terrorism

Number of global deaths via terrorism with the majority being from Islamic and non-White inspired attacks. source


Looking at the above graph of deaths by terrorism – don’t you think you would know about it if White people were the cause of so many thousands upon thousands of terrorist murders annually? Oh, you would know about it alright! The thing is, it is not caused by us and no matter how many random White people infrequently commit such a crime – it is still a drop in the ocean compared to the violence perpetrated by non-Whites and Islam, and this is according to every official statistic in existence.

There is a huge difference between the mentally unwell growing up in a hostile environment which treats them as worthless so this outlier one day commits murder; and the Islamist whose entire ideological grounds for mass killing is based upon religious doctrine of conquering and slaughtering other groups and forcing them to obey and submit to their power. And as already pointed out the difference in the numbers and frequency is like comparing rabbit hutch to a skyscraper.

It is a hate crime to want a safe future for your White children, and hate crimes are on a par with terrorism according to the FBI. We are being coerced and threatened into accepting racial death and leaving a future where our White children are persecuted as a hated minority in their own land.

Muslims in the West are living under protected group status whilst Native European Whites are having hate laws tailored to specifically target them – with no protections at all. This is happening whilst mass immigration is rapidly growing and within our lifetimes in most White Western countries we will become a minority racial group in our own homelands. Under these circumstances, with already such venom and hatred towards us, loss of rights and persecution whilst every other non-Native group is celebrated and protected as sacred – what lays ahead in our future?

Those who write the articles which frighten you away from anything patriotic, nationalistic, love for your own country and people and your in-group preference; are the exact same people writing stories about how wonderful the world would be without White people, and how we are all potential terrorists – worse than actual cold bloodied killers – who they protect. The media are doing this because many are a part of a separate group from yours who, unlike us, are celebrated and protected for their in-group preferences. The people doing this are educated in anti-White courses which seek to manipulate public opinion and ultimately eradicate “Whiteness“, which means, eradicate our race.

The mechanisms for our extermination and persecution as a collective are being rolled out by the day. Rest assured, you are not a terrorist because you are White; because you love your country; or because you are against open-borders. But the state and media across all of our lands is going to damn well treat you and your children like you are! Every time you hear media and political figures speak about “white supremacy” and “racism” and “Neo Nazis” just remember this – it is part of an agenda to force you into submission and frighten you into silence as they rip away every single right you have to speak, think, to have a home, to give your children a future and to exist.

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