The Unforgivable Destruction of Ireland

The Silent Genocide of Ireland

From the dangerous city streets of Dublin and Cork to the smaller towns of Balbriggan and Courtown, there is no place untouched by the domineering tyranny of multiculturalism and the White Genocide agenda. As the ever increasing premeditated demographic shift happens across the Western world, Ireland rarely gets a mention. It is ignored by the main stream and even if not intentionally, it gets little coverage in pro European media. We hear about the relentless crimes plaguing the UK, Germany, Sweden, the United States of America and more, but what about Ireland? This country of ancient roots is rarely given consideration when we think about the destruction of the European peoples. Many eyes tend to look at countries like France and Sweden, the UK, and we wonder which nation shall be the first to “die” or rather, suffer becoming a White Native minority first, and the potential Islamisation.

The Political establishment, main stream media and academia do not mention Ireland’s current assault as something dreadful and in need of amending. They only speak of it in celebration of the genocide of the Irish people and to promote their ambitions in finishing this very agenda. As a reminder on the definition of genocide according to the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide the definitions are:

  1. Killing members of the group;
  2. Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
  3. Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
  4. Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
  5. Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Genocide comes in many forms. People in the West today mistakenly have the belief that the only genocide to occur is mass murder of a group. This is factually incorrect and ignorant of the genocidal process itself. Even by the definition of the United Nations themselves (who are also a collaborator of this agenda) genocide does not mean automatic death on the populace. The main principle is that one or more groups target another group to wipe them from existence using all and any means possible, including violence. How this happens and by how many various forms the agenda takes place isn’t relevant to the definition, and it does not alter the fact that Irish people, as all European descended peoples, are being wiped from existence today.

In the last six years non-white immigration to Ireland has doubled and those numbers are frighteningly and rapidly growing.

Genocide also comes in stages. When a people are killed en mass it might seem sudden but it usually comes after a build up of persecution, manipulation and appears as the final stage to bring the goal of racial/group death to its conclusion. It is unfathomable to any person (who isn’t clinically mentally deficient) that we across the Western world are knee deep in the pre-stages of final genocide. Ireland is no different, if anything, Ireland might be in one of the most precarious positions of all due to their low population numbers of four million and the speed and scale of the replacement taking place.

Schools in Ireland today have seen a massive influx in immigration population and it is only growing by the day.

Demographics – Do the Eyes of the Irish Deceive Them?

One frightening aspect of the current Genocide agenda against Native Europeans is the intense anti-White/anti-Native hatred which is already taking place. For instance, the Native Irish are not yet a minority in Ireland and yet, already they are dehumanised and relentlessly abused by the media, academia and the political forces in power. Basically, any structure which holds any type of institutional power is pushing the narrative that the Irish people not only need to be replaced, but they are being replaced and any push back shall be treated as criminality.

On top of these hostile and murderous policies and media narratives the Native Irish are also told that the reason they are suffering this fate is because they are innately evil as White Natives; a dying people who deserve to be made extinct; and who need to just hurry up and disappear so the new comers can take over their existence! This is all done in a very nonchalant manner which borders upon sociopathic.

The question is: If this is how bad it is now as a majority – what happens when the Native Irish become the minority? Can a population of Four Million people withstand the relentless immigration levels from the third world? Look at the City of London, England, where White Native people are already a minority today in 2020. How is Ireland supposed to survive under this torrent of diversity ideology which is systematically committing genocide upon them? Will we see Ireland become the first White European nation to have official minority status?

Image of an Irish West Dublin school.

A person does not need to be an expert in any particular study to understand how human nature works. If the Natives are treated with hatred, hostility, resentment and anger now, it will only become worse as time goes by and as the Natives become a minority. Merely observing the trend alone is enough evidence. From being homogeneous to the gradual process of eliminating the Native Irish, this agenda has brought with it a dehumanisation or the Irish people; developing over time and increasing in severity. There is no logical reason why this shall not continue to increase. Since we have already established the definitions for genocide – we know this is extermination and we also know the tragic and murderous end result!

Image from an Irish school.


Not only is there a racial element to this grotesque agenda of extinction. Like most of Europe, Ireland is also experiencing the creeping Islamisation of their people. Islam is fed as a positive ideology by the media, academia and politicians and as always, Muslims are given protective status and privileges over the Native Irish people. Even school children are not omitted from the promotion of Sharia Law. Irish children are not only taught about Islam as a positive ideology at school, but are taken into mosques to be lectured and brainwashed by Imams.

Irish school girls sat in a mosque being indoctrinated by a foreign Imam.

Already the signs of Islamic dominance is surfacing and has been for a long time. This, with the full protection and backing of the Irish State and their anti-Irish media and academics. According to this article from The Irish Times in 2016:

“Ireland is working towards “More integration, more involvement, and more dialogue” where its Muslim community and other ethnic minorities are concerned, said Minister for Equality, Immigration and Integration David Stanton.”

He wasn’t lying either. Only three years since then and we see Irish school children being indoctrinated inside mosques and more Islamisation propaganda than ever before.

Imam Rabeeb Mirza making his demands to Garda Darren Coventry-Howlett of the Garda Racial, Intercultural and Diversity Office

Get Them From an Early AgeIndoctrination and an Attack Upon the Irish Psyche

The indoctrination is heavy and insidious and it starts very young from nursery age. An example of this is an article written by a mixed race journalist promoting a book to influence young children and accept their own extinction. The author, Constantina O’Sullivan, created the book called ‘Everybody Loves Bubbles’ as multicultural propaganda. According this article on the Irish Examiner she purposely wrote the book in order to indoctrinate very young Irish children. Even though not Native Irish she still felt the inner urge to project her desire for an Ireland of non-Irish people and whilst smiling, she openly celebrates herself for doing so.

The said article is not only promoting O’Sullivan but is a hit piece against the Native Irish and even attacks them as parents and families. In reality a non-Native woman to Europe travels around whilst peddling anti-European hatred, rolls up on Irish soil and proceeds to create anti-Irish/anti-White propaganda simply because of her own inner turmoil of being mixed race and the contempt she has for Native Irish and Europeans.

If Constantina O’Sullivan was a lone figure and wasn’t listened to by anybody this might seem harmless, but she isn’t, not in the slightest. People like her are paraded around, praised, taken as gospel truth and knowledge. She is only the tip of a great iceberg of White genocide. From the article above the journalist quotes:

“Once upon a time in the quite recent past, Ireland was a monocultural, monotheistic place where pretty much everyone was a white Irish Catholic, with cultural diversity comprised of a small scattering of white Irish Protestants. A line in Ulysses notes how Ireland “never persecuted the Jews”, because “she never let them in”, and a person of colour was so rare in Ireland that the Irish language could not quite describe black people other than as a ‘fearr gorm’ — a ‘blue man’. It would not be an overstatement to say that racist attitudes were ingrained, despite there being almost no racial or cultural diversity.

These days, we have the youngest population in the EU, which now includes Polish, English, Lithuanian, Latvian, Nigerian, Romanian, Indian, Philippine, German, American, Chinese, Slovakian, French, Brazilian, Hungarian, Italian, Pakistani, Spanish, Czech, and South African communities.”

The article continues by attacking the parents of Native Irish children:

“Children are not inherently racist,” says Peter Mullan of the Irish National Teachers Organisation. “They get it from parents, older siblings, communities. Two decades ago racism was not an issue in our schools because we had the whitest population in Europe, but today 12% of our school population is made up of nationalities that are not [native] Irish.”

“The most crucial place for a successfully diverse society is preschool.”

The levels of indoctrination on the young are intense and relentless. Nobody has a right to do this to a Native people! It does not matter if they are smiling and using language which sounds benign! The language they use is specifically formulated to manipulate and shame the Native Irish into submission. Words like “tolerance” and “inclusive” and “racism” and so many more, they are all designed to be used as weaponized targeting of your inner emotions.

Source Dublin event celebrating schools which promote Irish genocide.

The Hidden Institutions and Organisations Peddling Hatred and Changing Policy

There are so many thousands of organisations that I couldn’t possibly list them all in this article. Each White country in the Western world experiences the same attacks. Charities, NGOs, various institutions and organisations either created and run by traitors or foreigners seeking their own interests, usually a combination of two. Do you want to know why new policies are created against the Native Irish interests? Why there is a random African parade down an Irish street? None of which are natural to the people of Ireland! These types of occurrences take place because not only do we have traitors and impostors through all positions of power across the entire Western world; we also have thousands of organisations all pushing for their own interests – counter to ours – and all being taken seriously by those with the power to implement changes. Most people have never even heard of these groups, but they are not so hidden if we look. The result of a little research and curiosity about “diversity” charities and the likes will bring nothing but horrifying results!

One example of this is The DCU Centre of Excellence for Diversity and Inclusion which has been created to specifically implement practices and pressure for non-Native in-group preferences, at the cost and expensive of the Native Irish people. From the link above:

“The DCU Centre of Excellence for Diversity and Inclusion will focus on diversity and inclusion research and practice in Ireland for industry, higher education and Government.

The first of its kind in Ireland, the Centre will help organisations to build cultures of inclusion by providing access to the very latest in academic research, insights and tools for diversity and inclusion.”

Notice how much power this organisation always has. They already brag about being able to influence the Irish Government for their goals. By “inclusion” and “transformation” they mean the Native Irish not existing and non-White/non-Irish taking their place.

Source: “Director of the new Centre of Excellence, Sandra Healy, said: “There are many types of ‘hidden’ issues and personal ‘speed bumps’ that employees encounter in their lives. There is often significant effort in transforming work environments to where they need to be from a diversity and inclusion perspective. Whilst good intentions on diversity and inclusion are there in abundance among management and staff, the required focus, structure and means to responsibly engineer that cultural transformation can be lacking. The new Centre at DCU will create a formal engagement for industry and others to directly access expertise on diversity and inclusion, and assist that journey.”

Another example is of A review of Museums in The Construction of a Diverse and Inclusive Ireland, by Alan Kirwan which reads from the article:

“Museums, Alan argues, “could forge a role in assisting in the process of creating ‘Irish multiculturalism’”. Drawing on such concepts as “interactionist multiculturalism” (p. 19) and “Irish post-colonialism”

This isn’t just a passive suggestion of a theme in a museum – these people want the Native Irish gone! As you can see, he even admits that the Irish have a strong sense of racial identity – and yet he still proceeds to push his agenda which will decimate the Irish people and identity:

“In this chapter, he features white Irish interviewees’ responses which show that they overwhelming identify with “a strong ethnic and cultural ‘collective identity’”

“Chapter 1 sets the contemporary social scene of a twenty-first century Ireland in a period of “transformation” (p. 1), as more migrants come into the country than at any time in the past. Alan places the museum world in the context of this new multicultural society, advocating a social role for museums within the wider frame of social, political and cultural policy about multiculturalism. He suggests Irish museums embrace this new society, in line with the intellectual genealogy of a museology that points to the significant role for museums in shaping social, political and cultural concerns, and further engaging with and challenging prejudice and racism.”

This image is supposed to be worthy to be placed in an Irish museum to show how Ireland is “transforming” AKA being wiped from the face of the earth.

As well as the countless charities and organisations based upon the in-group preferences of non-Natives, the education and schools and the chattering politicians are committing treason. There is the media who are promoting degeneracy and miscegenation 24/7, advertising companies and billboards, posters, everywhere the Native Irish walk they have the media and marketing indoctrination slapping them in the face. This results in White Irish children and adults alike feeling abandoned, guilt, shame and self hatred, helplessness. All too common feelings across most European descended nations!

Kirsten Mate Maher celebrating winning The Rose of Tralee.

Another example of propaganda and the hypocrisy shines clear. Kirsten Mate-Maher won The Rose of Tralee and just like O’Sullivan she could not resist but project her anti-Native Irish feelings to try and mould Ireland to her own preferences:

“The 21-year-old is the first African-Irish winner of the pageant and the third mixed-race woman to be crowed. We’re all mixed and we’re all from different parts of the world. I know it’s a little bit more obvious with myself – I’ve curly hair and darker skin. At the end of the day we need to see past that and realise that there is no typical Irish woman.”

The audacity to claim that no real Irish women exist! This is a woman who has cried racism over and over – yet she boldly diminishes the notion that Irish people exist. Nonchalantly and full of entitlement she freely proclaims that the indigenous of Ireland are non-existent and fails in any self awareness at all as she spouts about her own identity!

These types of matters shouldn’t be taken lightly because if they claim you already do not exist whilst you are still here, they will have no problem when you’re not. In fact, that is their very aim.

The Effects of the Multicultural Agenda – Violent Crime Against Natives

To some the promotion and praise of foreign races and cultures might seem benign, in reality it coincides with the dehumanisation of the Native Irish and once the Natives become a minority, this will not seem like fun and games anymore. Cork has festivals celebrating Africa..

Whilst the traitors and doormats celebrate their new ethnic food and LARP around as cultured and “woke” the true reality of the situation is that multicultural White genocidal political policies bring nothing but violence, crime, over population, racial and cultural clashes and so much more. There is no one ethnic meal which is worth the rest of the baggage which comes with these types of anti-Native policies.

More anti-Irish violence by migrants. An all too common occurrence in West Dublin.

As with many areas in Europe and across the West, Ireland is now seeing it’s very own no go areas appear where the Native Irish fear walking due to the crime and violence, West Dublin being one such place. Native Irish adults and children, the elderly too, are all targeted and yet the politicians, media and academics will never acknowledge the Irish victims of these crimes. If they did it would show them for the traitors and impostors they are, and their disgusting agenda to replace the Native Irish would be harder to deny. Instead, those in powerful positions brush away the victims by screaming ‘racism’ at them and then pushing harder their agenda of multiculturalism and genocide of the Irish people. With the dreary prospect of Ireland having epidemic rape and violence such as the Rotherham Pakistani rape gangs and black knife crime in London, England; the Irish people can only observe as the horror show unravels in front of their eyes, just as it has in so many other parts of Europe.

Like the rest of the Western world, wherever there is diversity there is desolation and violent crime – Ireland is no different! Of all the suffering and struggles of Ireland’s past, this time the end result shall be that they will no longer exist racially, culturally or as a nation. The struggle the Native Irish now face is from within and this time, it is a struggle for survival from absolute death.

Irish people are becoming more afraid to walk their own streets in areas of high ‘diversity’ due to the violence against Natives and the general crime rates. This is only going to intensify with tribal street gang warfare between the different races and religious groups who are not Native, and most of all and most importantly – more violent crime against the Native Irish.

To read and watch more about the on-going non-Native crime rates and violence please follow our Telegram channel for Ireland here

Image from West Dublin in Ireland.

What Will Become of Ireland and the Native Irish if Nothing Changes?

Without the Native Irish, Ireland shall no longer exist. Without traitors and groups only looking out for their own foreign in-group interests – Ireland would not have to worry about being exterminated. Ireland’s Sinn Fein Party is one of many at the forefront of pushing for the termination of the Native Irish people.

The Sinn Fein Party promotes the ethnic destruction of the Irish people.

Already and with only a population of four million, Ireland has seen double figures of immigration, entire schools where the White Irish are replaced, Islamisation, the sexualising of children, relentless advertising and media promotion of anything non-Irish and in particular for foreign ethnic groups, the process of faux hate laws targeting the Irish and the obscene display of treachery parading around by politicians daily.

Gerry Adams (beard) and the now diseased Martin McGuniness (left).

The scale of treason against the Irish people is gigantic and if the situation does not reverse now, the Irish people shall become an indigenous minority at an alarming rate. It will not take long afterwards for the Natives to suffer great persecution and mass murder.

Image from Sinn Fein.

Gerry Adams, who was leader of the IRA for 35 years and involved in violence and murder fighting with the British, now welcomes the third world into Ireland to replace the Native Irish people. What could be a more greater betrayal? What was the point in any fighting? The same could be said for all inter-European wars, since our divisions have only resulted in our occupation and persecution by those who are not of our blood.

Gerry Adams spent 35 years leading the IRA only to promote open borders and sexual degeneracy.

Ireland is an ancient country with an ancient people. The Native Irish have nowhere else to live but Ireland. They have their centuries old history, their blood running through the soil, they know no other way to live and adapt to – Ireland is for the Native Irish! If nothing changes then Ireland is gone forever. This is not a joke; it is not something to be passive about! Ireland and the Irish people shall not exist if do things do not change and reverse. There will however, be an island next the other island which shall also no longer be Britain! These islands will be inhabited by Africans and people from the Middle East – it will look like South Africa with Islam! This is inevitable – this is factual and even the traitors openly admit this when they use terms like “transformation” because although they try to make it sound harmless, it is not and never was.

With no more White people in Ireland the streets will not have beautiful White Irish children skipping and playing ball, no Irish children will exist; there shall be not sweet roses singing soothing and uplifting music to the ears of the local Irish men, only African sounds of gang speak and the groaning abomination of the Islamic call to prayer; there will be no Irish grandmothers baking traditional food for the family, only the stench of alien new world – only foreign cooking and their ill treatment of animals and livestock too; and the Irish grandfather speaking words of wisdom to his Irish grandsons shall no longer be, no, only the lessons of African tribal warfare passed down through generations and how to cut the clitoris from female children; the cities and towns will not resemble Ireland, not the commercial aspect nor the cleanliness and safety, it shall only be the dirt filled street of Asia and the noisy market stalls of Africa, no White faces and no comfort of the Irish men and women selling fresh fruit and veg; there will be no movies and television showing White people and the creativity of the European mind manifesting itself as entertainment, it shall only be non-White and likely with Islamic influences; there will be no books written by Irish and European hands, those will be burned! No school will have a White child. No house in Ireland will be an Irish home – because there will be no Irish people in them – only Africans and Middle Easterners. It shall be, as though the Native Irish had never even existed.

There is no way to sugar coat the struggle and the extremely dangerous predicament the Irish people are in. This is Genocide! And what we see today is only one stage of the genocide process – it is about to become much, much worse. Could Ireland be the first White nation to become a minority in their own land? If they are, how does this make the Native Irish feel and how does it make us feel as Europeans to witness the brutal and wicked demise of an ancient people who carry our racial blood?

Ireland is experiencing Genocide by every definition of the word. Not only is this an evil aggression against the Native Irish and a crime humanity – it is a crime against you and I as White Europeans! Irish people, as all Europeans, have every right to have their own homeland to live in unharmed. The Irish people have a right to exist!


  1. […] In Ierland is een genocide aan de gang zo laat het bericht weten. Ierland heeft niet mega veel inwoners en krijgt net zoals alle dwaze “open grenzen” landen in Europa vele niet-westerlingen die zich, net zoals hier en in andere landen, misdragen, mensen bedreigen, verkrachten en vermoorden. Daardoor hebben ze, net zoals in Duitsland, Zweden en Frankrijk al scholen waarin nog maar een enkele autochtoon zit. De islamisering, de omvolking, de genocide van de Ieren is in volle gang. Een lang, maar interessant artikel. […]


  2. What concerns me the most is that in other countries like Britain the women are more interested in black African gangsters. This is stemming from the stereotypes of the black dicks and the bigger size. This thing has resulted in a complete deformation of the white race and london has become 60% black if not more.

    They are also spreading in Ireland and are cleansing the white race. Something has to stop this or the white race will be gone soon.

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  3. You did it to yourselves….
    In fact the Country of Ireland was the largest force against Brexit, you should have been the largest supporter as well as followed them….
    In Ameeica this is called group identity politics, it has been practiced by the Democratic party for 60 years…they claim its for duhhhhversity when actually its nothing more then a grab at political power…

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  4. You guys have two options: 1-Move politically to the extreme right and vote the treaties out! Change things at the voting booth.
    2- Arm and revolt; round up all the commies and leftist and expell them from the Country.
    Meanwhile, invite more white immigrants like people from South Africa.


  5. You guys have two options: 1-Move politically to the extreme right and vote the treators out! Change things at the voting booth.
    2- Arm and revolt; round up all the commies and leftist and expell them from the Country.
    Meanwhile, invite more white immigrants like people from South Africa.

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  6. The Irish have fought racism,degradation and terrorism for 800 years they know something about gurealla warfare it’s in their DNA the Muslims better be very careful or the backlash will certainly come! When it does it won’t be pretty and us Irish Americans will support them in anyway we can. Conus la Lui


  7. While all this is going the Irish are are clamouring for the destruction of Israel and genocide of the Jews.
    Talk to any fake- Republican SF/IRA/Hamas traitors.


  8. western societies = marxist shitholes!
    if you voted marxism…
    …you reap what you sow = you’ll be genocided.
    nothing new under the marxist sun:
    “proletarians” of the world unite!


  9. So heartbreaking. The white race have been abandoned and betrayed by their own NWO Globalist God hater, Jesus Christ hater leaders. Our Glorious, Awesome, Majestic Creator created the white race. The planned wicked genocide of the white race is also an attack against the HOLY ONE because what God created, the evil ones want to destroy.

    The planned One World government and with it, a One World Religion was prophesied in the last book of the Bible where you can read about it. It’s important to read about it, so you know what is ahead.

    In the end, after much suffering, our Wonderful God gives great and everlasting victory.

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